Trek Preparations

In order to enjoy the Inca Trail we will highly recommend you to get in shape, usually any fit person can do the hike without problems; however, the real problem starts when people didn’t take their time to get acclimatize in Cusco before doing the trek and because this, they start suffering of Altitude Sickness.
Symptoms of Altitude Sickness:  headaches, Short of Breath, fast heart pounding, these symptoms are normally develop in the first couple of days, to avoid this please  get some rest while you are in Cusco, take things easy, walk around the main square, do tour activities that are not physically demanding like the City Tour or the Sacred Valley tour.

If the symptoms persist and gets worse, please get medical attention.

At Home, exercise a lot and if you have the chance to join a local Hiking Group do it. Biking, running, or working out will help a lot; at the same time do not forget to use in your training the same boots you will be using in the Inca trail, this way your feet will get used to it and you will avoid blisters or pain in your feet while hiking.

All food you will eat before the Inca Trail has to be wash, piled, and boiled/cooked, and the most important “avoid salads”! Your tourist stomach it is not use to the local food. Drink only mineral water. In your personal first aid kit make sure to bring medication that contains “electrolytes”, “Imodium”, and “Cipro”.

What to Bring.

  • Original Passport,
  • Original ISIC Card if you are student,
  • Backpack,
  • Sleeping bag,
  • Rain jacket,
  • Strong footwear (walking boots are recommended as they provide support to the ankle which reduces the risk of injury especially when trekking in the wet season (December – March). However it is important that your boots are comfortable and well worn-in and not brand new. Many people prefer to trek in tennis shoes but extra care should be taken. We do not recommend trekking in sandals.
  • One complete change of clothing,
  • Sweater,
  • Jacket (something warm),
  • Water bottle and sterilizing tablets (Micropur are recommended and can be bought in local pharmacies in Cusco),
  • Flashlight and batteries,
  • Broad-brim or peaked cap,
  • Sun block,
  • Insect repellent,
  • Toiletries and toilet paper,
  • Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits etc,
  • Camera.